6 useful tips before your trip to Buenos Aires. Argentina

6 useful tips before your trip to Buenos Aires. Argentina

1. Health: Hiring health insurance from your home country is a good idea. Hospitals in Argentina are public and free, and that´s why they are usually crowded. As regards vaccines, it is not necessary to apply any before coming to Argentina. However, if you wish to travel to other countries in South America, you may need some. Ask your doctor before you travel.

2. Money: Tell the bank that you are traveling abroad and make sure that your withdrawal and payment limits are enough. It may be a good idea to modify or extend them for possible eventual expenses. For small expenses, you must have pesos, regardless of the fact that there is very good acceptance of the American dollar, and that you’ll find many exchange offices. Be aware of the fluctuation of the exchange rate and keep in mind that usually, you’ll get a better exchange at your hotel rather than at the airport. Communication: Remember to unlock your phone before you leave so you can buy a SIM card on arrival.

3. Visas and Documents: Have all the paperwork you need to obtain the visa. The corresponding embassy will indicate the procedures to be carried out. It may be useful to keep photocopies of this documentation as well as to save it digitally. Extra data: If you have a driving license, try to get an international permit.

4. Accommodation: It is very important to think of the neighborhood where you want to stay in a functional way, depending on the type of trip that you are interested in doing, so as to have a satisfactory experience once in the destination. To obtain personalized help, you can contact Argenet, a company we recommend to give you further customized advice and special rates before your departure.

5. To take into account when making the bags: Do not forget that the seasons are inverted in Argentina with respect to the Northern Hemisphere! Also, bring all your high-tech gadgets or buy what you think you will need before you travel. Once you arrive you’ll see that everything is at higher prices and the quality isn´t as good. Please note: plug outlets are sometimes different (3 flat legs). Try to bring a plug adapter, or buy one when you arrive.

6. How to get around: Taxis in BA are cheaper than in other big cities around the world, so it is always a good alternative to get to the different neighborhoods. In Public transport in Buenos Aires and some other cities in Argentina, a single card is used to pay the fare. This card is called SUBE and once you buy one, you load in it as much money as you want. You can use it to pay for trains, subways or buses. You can also get around the city using clean energy! For example on an electric bike, which allows you to go far away without getting tired. The guides will also tell you about the attractions you can see along the way, and you will discover the city as never before in other forms of transportation. For further info click on Bikenwander.com

We wish you a very good trip to Argentina, che!

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