Best way touring Buenos Aires is by electric bike

Best way touring Buenos Aires is by electric bike

Have you ever considered or thought of the many benefits and advantages of taking a bike tour in Buenos Aires? This is the best way to enjoy a real immersive tour experience, especially through this amazing and captivating city. Being a flat city with not a lot of hills or steep climbs, peddling around town is a simple, fast, easy and effective way to tour around to take in all the sights, sounds, and excitement that will flood your senses. At Bike n’ Wander Experiences we are the leading innovation urban biking tour company and we would like to tell you all about it.

If you are visiting this beautiful town you will find extreme value being able to visit and travel through the town on a bicycle and don’t worry! We offer Spanish and English live audio guided speaking tours, through earbuds, and it is a fun and cost-effective way to experience all that this area offers. We will take you on a 3-4 hour journey around the city and we offer these tours daily and our visitors and clients fall in love with it immediately. We also offer a 5-hour tour and you can tour while urban biking Buenos Aires. We use e-bikes which is an environmentally friendly option that gives you more freedom and you do not have to be in the best physical condition. We will take you around different areas and we offer different tour packages that you can choose from. With all the shops and local culture to enjoy, you will understand why a bike tour in Buenos Aires is the best way to enjoy your visit.

We have different tours and options available including southern tours that visit such areas as San Telmo, you will also visit The Ecological Reserve and even Puerto Madero. If you choose a Northern tour you will get to visit different areas that include Recoleta, Bosques de Palermo, and other trendy areas. You can get further information and book a tour right now while it is fresh on your mind by browsing the many pleasures offered to you by Bike n’ Wander Experiences!



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