Bike n’ Wander, Our Environmental Policy

Bike n’ Wander, Our Environmental Policy

We are an organization that operates excursions with small groups. This approach allows us to focus on the quality of the tourism experiences offered.
Based on the belief that efficiently managed tourism activity favors respect for natural resources and tolerance between cultures; since our formation as an organization, we express our commitment to:

1. Reduce environmental impact in the daily operation of our organization and raise awareness about the rational use of resources.

2. To promote the multiplier effect of the tourist activity for the benefit of the local and global community.
From communication to execution, our Environmental Policy (below) seeks to outline these objectives to undertake specific actions in which every person that participate in our organization and the different actors involved in the provision of the service, can contribute to compliance with all the following:
– Take actions for the reduction of waste and adequate treatment of them, in all matters relating to the provision of the service.
– To generate awareness among tourists about the environmental care and the preservation of the non-renewable resources of our planet, in order to reduce the environmental impact.
– Perform our tours complying with the norms and legislation in order to avoid the degradation of the natural and cultural environment.
– Hire suppliers that are aligned with our Environmental Policy.

– Design our circuits taking into account to the diffusion and preservation of the local culture, without neglecting the quality in our experiences.
– Contribute to the tourist encounter with the local community, involving different actors and cultural organizations, to promote intercultural enrichment.
– Be aware of scientific advances regarding sustainable practices that involve our daily activities or that are relevant to the improvement of our processes, with the aim of updating them, when necessary.

As citizens of the world, as travelers of the planet, we love our planet and all the life that is generated in it, and for that reason, we are committed to taking care of it so that future generations can enjoy it as we do today.

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