Best answer: How do you say handsome in Peru?

How do you say dude in Peru?

pata – guy. Used informally to refer to almost anyone. If there is a possessive involved (such as “mi pata,” “tu pata”) it refers to a friend (“my friend,” “your friend”). pendejo (a) – a sly, sharp, but generally untrustworthy person.

How do you say amazing in Peru?

Chévere – Cool/Great/Awesome

This word has basically the same meaning as “bacán” and is used to express a favorable opinion of something or someone.

What does Roche mean in Peru?

“¡Qué roche!” means “What a shame!” or “What a bummer!”

How do you say sorry in Peru?

To say sorry in a polite way use “¡Perdone!” or “Disculpe!”. For example when someone is in your way and you want to pass this person. Often you will hear from the people “De nada” – it’s a really polite and welcoming sentence in Peru!

What does Chevere mean in Peru?

Adjective. chévere (plural chéveres) (slang, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, El Salvador) terrific, cool, awesome, nifty Synonyms: see Thesaurus:guay.

How do you say see you later in Peru?

nos vemos — literally “we (will) see each other,” but used to say “see you later.” te veo — “I’ll see you.” buenas noches — “goodnight.” You can use this at night as both a greeting and as a goodbye.

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