Best answer: How long have the buildings of Machu Picchu been standing?

How is Machu Picchu still standing?

The Incas had their own construction method.

We know that this method is pretty useful as many Inca-built structures have survived various earthquakes. Machu Picchu itself was built along two fault lines and is still standing.

Why are there no roofs in Machu Picchu?

As in other Inca cities, Machu Picchu followed the religious architectural pattern of truncated pyramid construction. Buildings contained rectangular rooms with irregular sized walls, their roof was made of wooden logs and covered with straw. Today, due to the passage of time, the buildings do not have a roof any more.

What was found in Machu Picchu?

Most of the evidence recovered at Machu Picchu relates to the creation of objects from tin bronze, an alloy of copper associated with the Inca State, but objects were fashioned of precious metal as well. The excavations of 1912 found a wide variety of metal tools and jewelry.

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