Best answer: Is usted used in Latin America?

Which countries use usted?

We use “usted” in every Spanish speaking country in the planet. We use both “tú” and “vos” in informal contexts, but you will only hear the latter in Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, and some countries in Central America.

Is ustedes Spain or Latin America?

A major grammatical difference is in the choice of pronouns. Spain uses the second-person plural “vosotros” (you all) whereas most of Latin America uses the second-person plural “ustedes” to mean “you all.”

Why do Argentines say vos?

One of the key grammatical differences between the Spanish of Argentina and other varieties of the language is in its use of vos as the second-person singular personal pronoun. … In these areas, vos completely or partially replaces tú. In some places where vos is used, it takes the same verb forms as does tú.

Why don’t they use Vosotros in Latin America?

It’s really quite simple. You see, the Spaniards conquered much of Latin America and therefore forced us all to speak their language. Obviously, they wouldn’t allow us to learn informal Spanish and use it with them, as they were our oppressors. This is why vosotros is nonexistent in Latin America.

What countries use vos instead of tu?

Vos is a form used mainly in Latin America: Paraguay, Guatemala, Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Panama, etc. In Argentina and Uruguay, vos has replaced tú completely. Remember that your choice of tú, vos, or usted will make a difference in the verb form (conjugation) you use.

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Is usted used in Spain and Latin America?

Even in Spain one may rarely hear vosotros spoken, but usted is often heard used in both Spain and Latin America. For those language learners who read more classic books/ novels however they will definitely see vosotros in both Spain and Latin America used abundantly.

What are you doing in Spanish slang?

One is “¿Qué estás haciendo?” (it literally means “What are you doing?” in Spanish).