Best answer: What is the main variety of fish in Brazil?

Which is the main variety of fish found in Brazilian sea?

Most of this production is provided by the Amazon basin, and the principal species are catfish, piramutaba and dourada, while some other species, like curimatã and jaraqui, are also important.

Which is the best fishing ground in Brazil?

i) Brazil has a sea coast of around 7,400 km and excellent fishing grounds off the South Atlantic coast. ii) The meeting of the warm Brazil current and the cold Falkland current off the coast of south-east Brazil makes it a good fishing ground.

What does a piranha eat?

Piranhas are prey of crocodilians, larger fish, fish-eating birds and large mammals such as Jaguars. They are also a staple food item of many people. Diet: As opportunistic feeders, they eat fish, aquatic invertebrates, crustaceans, insects, algae and aquatic plants.

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