Did the Incas believe in divine right?

Why did the Inca believe their rulers never died?

The Inca believed their kings were related to the sun god. As a result, the Inca thought their kings never really died. In fact, priests brought mummies of former kings to many ceremonies. People gave these royal mummies food and gifts.

Did the Incas convert to Christianity?

They identified Inca religion as heretic and as the work of the devil. Under these premises they embarked into the conversion of the Inca population to Christianity. … The Incas were a very religious people; their religious beliefs were deeply embedded in their lives, everything they did had a religious meaning.

Did the Incas have slaves?

In the Inca Empire yanakuna was the name of the servants to the Inca elites. The word servant, however, is misleading about the identity and function of the yanakuna. It is important to note that they were not forced to work as slaves.

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