Do people have cell phones in Argentina?

How many people have cell phones in Argentina?

Number of smartphone users in Argentina from 2015 to 2025 (in millions)

Characteristic Number of smartphone users in millions
2019 31.21
2018 29.56
2017 27.44
2016 24.72

Do people in Argentina have phones?

Some 84 percent of Argentine adults under 35 say they own a smartphone, while 77 percent of people 35-49 and just 42 percent of people over 50 own a phone with features like mapping and Internet browsers. Smartphone ownership figures have grown across the board Argentina since 2015, the survey showed.

What is the most popular phone in Argentina?

Samsung ranked first, having sold 3.04 million mobile phones in Argentina in the presented period.

Do they have Internet in Argentina?

In 2019, the South American country had approximately 31.5 million internet users. That year, internet penetration in Argentina amounted to 70 percent of the population. By 2025, the number of users connecting to the Web is expected to reach 35.2 million.

How many people have access to social media in Argentina?

In 2019, there were around 31.5 million social network users in Argentina.

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What is the most common form of communication in Argentina?

The vast majority of Argentina speak Spanish as either their first or second language. Where Argentinians speak a second language, they are more likely to speak Italian, German, English or French. In some ways it sounds more like Italian than Spanish.

How is the Internet connection in Argentina?

Mobile Internet in Argentina: Prepaid SIM cards in Argentina

Local or international calls and internet usage are very often included. However, the quality of the Internet remains average and only offers a 3G service. This one is 10 times slower than the 4G LTE.

How fast is the Internet in Argentina?

Argentina: internet download speed 2016-2019

From May 2018 to May 2019, broadband internet in Argentina averaged a download speed of 2.83 Mbps, down from 3.18 Mbps the previous year. Meanwhile, as of May 2019, Chile had reached an average speed of 3.89 Mbps.

Does Argentina have good internet?

In the Net Index country ranking of consumer download speeds from the Internet metrics company Ookla, Argentina ranked 106th out of 182 countries, behind Uganda and Laos and down from 90th place in 2011. That puts it 49 spots behind neighboring Uruguay, 48 spots behind Chile, and 32 behind Brazil.