Frequent question: How much did the 2010 Chile earthquake cost?

How much did the 2015 Chile earthquake cost?

At least 500 people were killed. The event caused economic losses of USD30 billion (2010 USD), and insured losses of USD8. 5 billion (2010 USD). According to the USGS, a magnitude-8.8 earthquake is 3.2 times bigger than a magnitude-8.3 earthquake on a seismogram and 5.6 times stronger in terms of energy release.

What damage did the 2010 Chile earthquake cause?

The massive shockwaves and accompanying tsunami of the 2010 Maule, Chile, earthquake (magnitude 8.8) killed more than 300 people, affected nearly 2 million others, and damaged or destroyed approximately half a million homes, schools, hospitals and other buildings.

Is Chile still recovering from the 2010 earthquake?

The earthquake that rocked Chile in 2010, one of the largest in history, measured a magnitude of 8.8. The ensuing damage wiped out roughly 18% of the country’s GDP. Yet the country demonstrated a miraculous recovery. … Chile’s recovery is all the more astonishing because it is so atypical.

Where is the safest place to be during an earthquake if you are indoors?

If you are INDOORS — STAY THERE! Get under a desk or table and hang on to it (Drop, Cover, and Hold on!) or move into a hallway or against an inside wall. STAY CLEAR of windows, fireplaces, and heavy furniture or appliances. GET OUT of the kitchen, which is a dangerous place (things can fall on you).

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What was the worst earthquake in America?

The largest earthquake to hit the U.S. was on March 28, 1964, when a 9.2 magnitude quake struck Prince William Sound in Alaska.

How many earthquakes have happened in Chile?

Of the world’s 36 known earthquakes with M ≥ 8.5 since the year 1500, one-third occurred in Chile and are shown in the map to the side. Some virtually have the same epicenters like the 1604 and 1868 (in Arica), the 1730 and 1822 (in Valparaíso), the 1751 and 1835 (in Concepción), and the 1575 and 1837 (in Valdivia).

Who helped in the Chile earthquake 2010?

Over 50 countries including Brazil, the People’s Republic of China and Argentina gave aid to Chile after March 1, 2010.