Frequent question: Which of the following were pre Columbian civilizations in Latin America except?

Which of the following actions is not an example of US involvement in Latin America?

Explanation: bringing the tradition of Carnival to Brazil.

What were the major pre-Columbian civilizations quizlet?

The 3 main pre-Columbian societies were the Maya, the Aztec, and the Inca.

What were the 3 major indigenous civilizations of America?

Ancient America: Maya, Inca, Aztec and Olmec | – HISTORY.

Why is it called pre-Columbian?

The word pre-Columbian refers to the era before Christopher Columbus, but sometimes it can include the history of American indigenous cultures as they continued to develop after the Christopher Columbus’ first landing in 1492, until they were conquered or influenced by Europeans, even if this happened decades or even …

Which European country has had the heaviest cultural influence on Latin America?

Most of Latin America was colonized by the Spanish and Portuguese. Most of Latin America was colonized by the British and French. Most of Latin America was colonized by the Aztec and Inca. They are not similar.

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What European nation was the most influential in colonizing Brazil?

Portugese Colonization of Brazil. Colonial Brazil comprises the period from 1500 with the arrival of the Portuguese until 1815 when Brazil was elevated to a kingdom.

Do US government was very involved in Latin America during the Cold War often in a?

Explanation: During the cold war, the main reason behind the clash between the USA and Russia was the difference of ideology. The USA didn’t want communism in the world and did everything to stop the spread of communism in Eat and west. The USA government was active in Latin America to stop the attempts of Russia.

Which of the following was a major crop for most pre-Columbian civilizations?

Corn (Maize)

Corn (Zea mays). One of the most ancient crops of the New World, corn was domesticated by Olmec and Mayan peoples in Mexico some 10,000 years ago.

What were some differences in Native American societies prior to European arrival quizlet?

Native Americans had NO metal tools or machines or gunpowder prior to European arrival. Native Americans had developed systems of maritime navigation, unlike the Europeans whose maritime navigation system was undeveloped. … Native populations did NOT view land as an economic commodity that could be turned into a profit.

Which of these cultures would be most likely to develop in a wet wooded microclimate?

Early North American

Question Answer
Which of these cultures would be most likely to develop in a wet, wooded microclimate? a complex culture with a varied diet
The geography of which region led to the pre-Columbian construction of dams, canals, and pueblos? the Southwest
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