How do I delete Colombian Cupid?

How do I delete my Cupid account?

Managing my account? My account, click delete your information like messages you can help you delete my account, delete account – accountkiller. Go to your account button then i unlink a man in to delete.

How much does Colombian Cupid cost?

Colombian Cupid Membership Price Table

Membership Type Length of Plan Monthly Cost
Platinum 1 month $34.99
Gold 12 months $10.00
Gold 3 months $20.00
Gold 1 month $29.98

How do I disable OK Cupid?

On the app, tap on your profile page, then on Account Settings, and then on Disable your account. Follow the prompts from there. Remember- deleting is permanent, so if you think you’ll want to come back to us in the future, choose “disable”.

How do I unsubscribe from OK Cupid?

How to cancel OkCupid

  1. Log into OkCupid.
  2. Go to the Settings Page to view your subscription.
  3. Click on ‘Turn off automatic billing’

Is Colombian Cupid any good?

If you’re in Colombia or willing to travel there to meet someone special, this site is likely worth paying for. Colombian Cupid reviews from around the web are generally positive, citing a user-friendly format, responsive members and reasonable pricing.

Does tinder work in Colombia?

If you’re single in Medellin, or any other large city in Colombia, do yourself a solid and get on Tinder. … You can meet Colombian singles for free on Tinder, as there’s no charge to swipe through profiles and send unlimited messages to any local women that you happen to match with.

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How do I permanently delete OKC?

To delete your OkCupid account, go to and log in. Click your profile picture, select Settings, scroll down to the bottom of the page and select Go Here. Choose Disable account or Delete account depending on your preference, and tell OkCupid why you are leaving. Enter your password, and select Delete.

Is OkCupid safe to use?

Researchers at Check Point identified several security flaws on OKCupid’s website and mobile app. Through the vulnerabilities found on OKCupid’s web and mobile platforms, Check Point researchers proved that a threat actor could have stolen the private data of an OKCupid user.

Does OkCupid delete inactive accounts?

Deleted for Inactivity

Our Privacy Policy states that we must delete accounts after 2 years of continuous inactivity. If you have not logged into your account for more than 2 years and are not able to log into it now, it is likely this is the reason.