How many endangered species are there in Chile?

How many species are in Chile?

The total bird diversity of Chile is only moderate. Including the oceanic islands of Pascua and Juan Fernandez and the Antarctic territory claimed by Chile, there are reports of 451 native species and five introduced species for Chile. The hotspot area includes 226 species, with 12 of these being endemic.

Are there poisonous snakes in Chile?

Chile has very few dangerous animals within its borders. There are no poisonous snakes, and the only large cat, the cougar, has no real history of attacking people. So the most dangerous animals in the country are the venomous spiders.

What animals will go extinct by 2050?

Five animal species facing extinction between 2050-2100

  • Five animal species facing extinction between 2050-2100.
  • Sea Turtle Extinction.
  • Bee Extinction.
  • Polar Bear Extinction.
  • Tiger & Cheetah Breed Extinction.
  • Dolphin Extinction.
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