How was the Inca society?

How was the Inca society ranked?

“The Incas followed a strict social hierarchy system and according to this system, there were 4 main levels which were the Sapa Inca, The Royalty, the Nobility and the Ayllu.” … This was the symbol of nobility, including the reigning royal family (wives and sons of the Sapa Inca).”

Was Inca society wealthy or poor?

The Incas established one of the most prosperous centrally organized economy in economic history, which led to the development of social capital. The Inca Empire’s economic prosperity was based on these ayllus. The Ayllus is made up of families who lived in the same village or settlement.

What did the Incas sleep on?

❖ The average house had only one room made out of stone or brick. Normally it had a thatched roof. There were no beds or mattresses, so the whole family had to sleep on the floor. ❖ The Inca lived in small villages.

What was the Inca way of life?

Daily life in the Inca empire was characterised by strong family relationships, agricultural labour, sometimes enforced state or military service for males, and occasional lighter moments of festivities to celebrate important life events in the community and highlights in the agricultural calendar.

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