Is a visa required for Bolivia?

Which countries need visa for Bolivia?

Visa requirements

Country Visa requirement Allowed stay
Antigua and Barbuda Electronic Entry Visa
Argentina Visa not required 90 days
Armenia eVisa / Visa on arrival 120 days
Australia Visa required

Can I get visa on arrival in Bolivia?

Intending visitors can also obtain a visa upon on arrival at a Bolivian embassy or consulate and upon their arrival in Bolivia. This visa only allows for a single entry into Bolivia.

Why do Americans need a visa to enter Bolivia?

Specific Purpose and Student Visas

To enter Bolivia in order to engage in business, education, paid work, marriage according to Bolivian law and/or perform any other legal activity not related to tourism, all foreign nationals must acquire a Specific Purpose or Student Visa.

How do I get a tourist visa for Bolivia?

Fill out Bolivia Tourist visa application form online

  1. Visa application form.
  2. Original passport.
  3. Passport-type photograph.
  4. Complete itinerary. …
  5. Yellow fever . …
  6. Bank statement. …
  7. Hotel Reservation. …
  8. Personal invitation.

Is Bolivia safe to travel now?

Reconsider travel to Bolivia due to COVID-19. Exercise increased caution in Bolivia due to civil unrest. Read the Department of State’s COVID-19 page before you plan any international travel. … Country Summary: Demonstrations, strikes, and roadblocks can occur at any time in Bolivia.

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How can I get PR in Bolivia?

The prerequisite for this visa is that you have resided in Bolivia for two years with the corresponding permission (two-year resident visa) and enables you to live in Bolivian territory for an indefinite period. You actually have to have lived in Bolivia for 3 years before you can apply for indefinite residency.

How long can I stay in Bolivia?

US tourists may extend their 30 day stay up to a 90 day stay through the Bolivian immigration offices. The maximum period of stay for tourists is 90 days per calendar year. The additional periods can be consecutive or non-consecutive within a 1 year period.

Do US citizens need a visa for Bolivia?

Beginning February 8, 2021, all U.S. citizens visiting Bolivia for tourism will be required to obtain a tourist visa. … With a visitor visa, you may stay 30 days per trip, not to exceed 90 days per year. A Bolivian visitor visa costs $160 US and can be paid in U.S. or local currency upon arrival.

Where can Bolivians travel without a visa?

Bolivian citizens can travel to 50 visa free countries

  • Paraguay. Visa Free. 3 months • …
  • Brazil. Visa Free. 3 months • …
  • Peru. Visa Free. 3 months • …
  • Chile. Visa Free. 3 months • …
  • Argentina. Visa Free. 3 months • …
  • Uruguay. Visa Free. 3 months • …
  • Ecuador. Visa Free. 3 months • …
  • Colombia. Visa Free. 3 months •