Is Brazil the largest consumer of coffee in the world?

Which is the largest consumer of coffee in the world?

Brazil. Brazil tops the list of 10 countries with the highest coffee consumption in the world, which should come as little surprise as it is also the biggest coffee producing country in the world as well, and has been so for several years.

Which countries are the biggest consumers of coffee?

Top 25 Coffee Consuming Nations

Rank Country Coffee Consumption (Lbs per Person Per Year)
1 Finland 26.45
2 Norway 21.82
3 Iceland 19.84
4 Denmark 19.18

Which country drinks the most coffee 2020?

More than 450 million cups of coffee are consumed in the United States every day.

Here Are Countries That Consume The Most Coffee 2020.

Rank Country Pounds ( Person Per Year)
1 Finland 26.4 Ibs
2 Norway 21.8 Ibs
Iceland 19.8 Ibs
3 Denmark 19.8 Ibs

Which states coffee most?

While cold weather might tempt you to drink a hot coffee more, overall caffeine consumption is not tied to north or south. On average New Mexico residents drink 2.4 cups of coffee a day- more than anywhere else.

All states, from most caffeinated to least.

Rank Stat
1 Vermont
2 Arizona
2 Colorado
2 New Mexico

Which country has the best coffee culture?

What Are the Top 8 Countries with Best Coffee Culture?

  • Japan More than Tea.
  • Tanzania Coffee Origins.
  • Australia Coffee Passion.
  • Coffee in Portugal and Sweets.
  • French Coffee.
  • Coffee in Italy.
  • Turkey Coffee Ritual.
  • Greece is for Coffee Lovers.
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Which state has the best coffee?

These are the 10 best coffee cities in America

  1. New York, New York: 66.92.
  2. Seattle, Washington: 65.71.
  3. San Francisco, California: 64.17.
  4. Portland, Oregon: 59.22.
  5. Los Angeles, California: 54.97.
  6. Washington, D.C.: 50.68.
  7. Chicago, Illinois: 59.03.
  8. Miami, Florida: 47.55.