Is Facebook in Brazil?

What social media do they use in Brazil?

Mark Zuckerberg’s corporation leads the social media industry in Brazil. Its flagship company, Facebook, along with WhatsApp (acquired by Facebook, Inc. in 2014) and Instagram (purchased in 2012), are the top mobile apps among Brazilian smartphone users. Their hegemony, however, is not without vicissitudes.

What countries is Facebook available in?

Facebook Users By Country 2021

Country Facebook Users (2019) 2021 Population
United States 240,000,000 332,915,073
Brazil 139,000,000 213,993,437
Indonesia 136,960,000 276,361,783
Mexico 78,000,000 130,262,216

How many Brazilians use social media?

In 2021, there were approximately 159.01 million social media users in Brazil. This figure is forecast to grow to nearly 184.76 million users by 2026. Facebook was the most popular social network among Brazilians, concentrating more than half of all social media visits made in the South American country.

How much time does Brazil spend on social media?

In 2019, Brazilian internet users spent on average 225 minutes (or three hours and 45 minutes) on social media every day. That is over 39 percent more than the 161 minutes (or two hours and 41 minutes) recorded in 2012.

Is social media popular in Brazil?

According to a report by We Are Social, as of 2017 122 million people in Brazil are active on social media, which accounts for 87.7 % of all internet users in the country. This number is up 18 % since January of 2016, so it is clear that social media is a rapidly-growing sector in Brazil.

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Is Instagram popular in Brazil?

Which country has the most Instagram users? … Brazil ranked third with 110 million Instagram users, ahead of Indonesia with an audience of 93 million users.