Question: Which president of Venezuela was temporarily ousted in 2002?

Who was Venezuela President in 2001?

Hugo Chávez

Comandante Hugo Chávez
Preceded by Diosdado Cabello (acting)
Succeeded by Nicolás Maduro
In office 2 February 1999 – 11 April 2002
Vice Presidents show See list

What happened to President of Venezuela?

Hugo Chávez, the 45th President of Venezuela, died on 5 March 2013 at 16:25 VET (20:55 UTC) in Caracas, Venezuela from cancer at the age of 58. His death triggered a presidential election which was constitutionally required to be called within 30 days.

Was Chavez a communist?

Chavez and his largely Mexican American supporters voted to support them. … Many growers considered Chavez a communist, and the FBI launched an investigation into both him and the NFWA. In December, the United Automobile Workers (UAW) president Walter Reuther joined Chavez in a pro-strike protest march through Delano.

Who ruled Venezuela for 27 years?

Juan Vicente Gómez has served during the longest (although interrupted by interim presidencies), with over 27 years.

Who is the real president of Venezuela?

President of Venezuela

President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela
Incumbent Nicolás Maduro since 10 January 2019
Style Mr. President (Señor Presidente) or His Excellency
Member of Cabinet
Residence La Casona (es)

What is the average salary in Venezuela?

In the long-term, the Venezuela Average Nominal Monthly Wages is projected to trend around 10174.48 VEF/Month in 2021 and 10929.31 VEF/Month in 2022, according to our econometric models.

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What does Chavez mean in English?

Chaves is an ancient Portuguese surname that literally means “keys,” from the Portuguese Chaves and Spanish laves (Latin clavis). Often an occupational surname was given to someone who made keys for a living. … Chavez is the 22nd most common Hispanic surname.

How did Cesar Chavez died in his sleep?

— Results of an autopsy released Tuesday showed labor leader Cesar Chavez died peacefully of natural causes. Chavez’s longtime physician, Dr. Marion Moses, said the autopsy performed by the Kern County Coroner’s Office in Bakersfield confirmed that the founder of the United Farm Workers died in his sleep.