Quick Answer: How many refugees are in Brazil?

How many refugees are there in Brazil?

Brazil refugee statistics for 2019 was 32,844.00, a 190.55% increase from 2018. Brazil refugee statistics for 2018 was 11,304.00, a 10.18% increase from 2017. Brazil refugee statistics for 2017 was 10,260.00, a 6.06% increase from 2016.

Does Brazil take refugees?

Brazil hosted around 300,000 refugees and migrants from the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela were in Brazil by end of 2020, including 102,504 asylum-seekers, 46,599 recognized refugees and 148,742 holders of temporary residence permits.

What is Brazil doing for refugees?

In 2020, Brazil established a new program called Operation Welcome. … In 2021, the UNHCR and International Organization for Migration (IOM) assisted Operation Welcome in helping around 50,000 Venezuelan refugees relocate from the more rural state of Roraima to Brazilian cities.

Why does Brazil have refugees?

Brazil has received a significant influx of refugees and migrants from Venezuela since 2016, fleeing political and economic turmoil in their home country. As of February 2020, there are 253,000 Venezuelan refugees and migrants in Brazil, many of them in need of humanitarian assistance.

Can Brazilians apply for asylum?

In order to be recognized as a refugee by the Brazilian government, one needs to claim asylum, becoming an asylum seeker. Asylum seekers have the right to have an ID document (Provisional Protocol), to work (Carteira de Trabalho), and to remain in the country until a final decision on the asylum procedure is reached.

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Is it easy to seek asylum in Brazil?

In order to apply for asylum in Brazil, an individual needs to be in the Brazilian territory. … The asylum claim is totally free and can be done directly by the asylum seeker. The presence of a lawyer is not mandatory.

Where do refugees in Brazil come from?

According to CONARE, Brazil currently (April/2016) has 8,863 recognized refugees from 79 different nationalities (28,2% of them are women). The main groups are nationals from Syria, Angola, Colombia, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Palestine.

How many Venezuelan refugees are there in Brazil?

Brazil is hosting about 261,000 Venezuelans as migrants, asylum seekers, or refugees, which, at 18 percent, constitutes the largest share of Brazil’s 1.3 million refugees and migrants population (as of October 2020).

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