Quick Answer: What does Chile mean in Mexico?

What does chile mean in Mexican slang?

I don’t recomend you use it, but it means like “i really” Example: I really love avocado ( al chile me gusta el aguacate)

Why do Mexicans say chile?

The word chile originated from the Aztec word “chil,” meaning pepper. Bosland said the Spanish added an “e” to the end of the word to make it a noun in their language. Advertisements lining the back roads in the lower Rio Grande Valley, where most of New Mexico’s peppers are grown, spell it chile.

What does it mean when someone says Al Chile?

Al chile. Another phrase unique to Costa Rica—“al chile”. Literal translation means “to the chile”, but when a Costa Rican uses “al chile” they mean it as “seriously!”.

How do you translate chile?

Chile is a republic in South America, on the Pacific.

  1. American English: Chile /ˈtʃɪli/
  2. Arabic: تشيلي
  3. Brazilian Portuguese: Chile.
  4. Chinese: 智利
  5. Croatian: Čile.
  6. Czech: Chile.
  7. Danish: Chile.
  8. Dutch: Chili.

What does Bendejo mean in Spanish?

The word “bendejo” in Spanish it’s wrong spelled. It must start the word with the letter “p”,and it’s meaning is close to: stupid; so fool; ignorant.

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What does no Mames wey?

No mames is sometimes extended to no mames güey (no-mah-mess-goo-ee) and no mames wey (no-mah-mess-way), which both roughly mean “No way, dude!” Wey and güey are both Spanish slang words meaning “dude” or “guy,” though wey can also connote “idiot.”

When would you use PO in Chile?

Po = from the word ‘pues’ (well) and is just used for emphasis when speaking. Buena onda = cool / great. Fome = boring. Polola/pololo = girlfriend / boyfriend (and poloeando = dating)

What kind of Spanish do they speak in Chile?

Spanish is the most widely spoken language in Chile. The variant of Spanish spoken in the country is Chilean Spanish. It is a dialect of Spanish that is significantly different from the Castilian variant of Spanish, but is similar in pronunciation to the Andalusian Spanish. About 14 million Chileans speak the language.

Is Chile a slang word?

Whew Chile is defined as a shocking situation or a piece of information that may be shocking, according to the Urban Dictionary. That’s so because it’s mostly used in the form of a joke or said to give things a funny spin. … You can learn the meaning of the term by clicking on any of the first few links.

Why is Chile called Chile?

The origin of the name “Chile” may come from the indigenous Aimara word “chili”, meaning “where the land ends.” It could also be based on the Mapuche imitation of a bird call which sounds like “cheele cheele.”

How is Chilean Spanish different?

Chilean Spanish dialects have distinctive pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, and slang usages that differ from those of standard Spanish. The Royal Spanish Academy recognizes 2,214 words and idioms exclusively or mainly produced in Chilean Spanish, in addition to many still unrecognized slang expressions.

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