Was Argentina a goal offside?

Can you be offside from a corner in football?

You cannot be offside at the moment the corner is taken. You can be offside a split second later when someone else touches it. There is no exemption for a corner. But it would be extremely hard to occupy an offside position with the ball coming in from essentially what is the goal line.

What hand did Maradona score with?

Shilton jumped forward with his right hand, while Maradona did so with his left arm outstretched. Maradona’s fist, which was raised close to his head, touched the ball first and hit the ball into England’s goal. Maradona began to celebrate while glancing sideways at the referee and the linesman for confirmation.

How many Copa America has Messi played?

It has been 15 years since Messi first represented Argentina at a major tournament and after four World Cups and six Copa America appearances, taking in 53 matches, he finally has the major international title he – and his country – has craved.

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