What animals do Guyana have?

How many species of animals are in Guyana?

Wildlife to spot in Guyana

With over 1,000 species of birds and mammals, there’s a huge variety of species to be seen in Guyana. Many are elusive, but local guides are experts at finding and spotting them.

What monkeys live in Guyana?

Order: Primates

  • Subfamily: Callitrichinae. Genus: Saguinus. Red-handed tamarin, Saguinus midas LC.
  • Subfamily: Cebinae. Genus: Cebus. Tufted capuchin, Cebus apella LC. Weeper capuchin, Cebus olivaceus LC. Genus: Saimiri. Guianan squirrel monkey, Saimiri sciureus LC.

Are there alligators in Guyana?

Alligators do not occur naturally in Guyana! … Their range includes the Amazon Basin of Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, French Guiana, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Surinam and Venezuela.

Are there big cats in Guyana?

Guyana has one of the largest unspoiled rainforests in South America, some parts of which are almost inaccessible by humans. … Unlike many other South American cats, jaguarondi spends majority of time on the ground, usually in dense vegetation or heavy bushes.

Are there mountain lions in Guyana?

Also known as the panther, mountain lion, deer tiger, or cougar, pumas are large, enigmatic cats. … In Guyana, many pumas inhabit rocky crags and pasture lands. However, they can be highly adaptive, and are sometimes found in grasslands, forests, tropical jungles, and even arid desert regions.

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Are there jaguars in Guyana?

The Official National Animal of Guyana. The jaguar is the national animal of Guyana. The strength and courage of this big cat make it the perfect symbol for this small country. There are two jaguars featured in Guyana’s coat of arms.