What are the two highland regions on the eastern side of South America?

What highlands are in the eastern part of South America?

The Eastern Highlands consist of the Guyana Highlands in the north and the Brazilian Highlands in the south. Not as high as the Andes ranges, they are made up of very old crystalline rocks. The highest waterfall in the world, the Angel falls, is in the Guyana Highlands.

Which highlands are farthest east in South America?

South America (mainland)

  • Northernmost point: Punta Gallinas, Colombia ( 12°27′31″N 71°40′8″W)
  • Southernmost point: Cape Froward, Chile ( 53°53′47″S 71°17′40″W)
  • Westernmost point: Punta Pariñas, Peru ( 4°40′58″S 81°19′43″W)
  • Easternmost point: Ponta do Seixas, Brazil ( 7°9′19″S 34°47′35″W)

What are the names of the three highland regions of South America?

With the exception of narrow coastal plains on the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, there are three main topographic features: the Andes, a central lowland, and the extensive Brazilian and Guiana Highlands in the east.

Why do most Brazilians live in the Brazilian Highlands?

The region is the main source of the nation’s abundant mineral wealth. In addition, the vast majority of Brazil’s population (190 million as of the 2010 census) lives in the highlands or on the narrow coastal region immediately adjacent to it. Ancient basaltic lava flows gave birth to much of the region.

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Why is South America called the land of extremes?

In geographic terms, it has some of the hottest, driest deserts in the world (the Atacama and Sonoran deserts) while having the largest rain-forest in the world (the Amazon). This too applies to several other physical features.

Does the highland climate of South America run along the east coast?

The highland climate of South America runs along the east coast. 6. Suriname has an arid climate.

What is the highest plateau in South America?

The highest peak in the Andes, Aconcagua, stands at 6,962 meters (22,841 feet) and straddles the Argentina-Chile border. Aconcagua is the tallest mountain outside Asia. High plateaus are also a feature of the Andes. The altiplano of Peru and Bolivia, for example, has an elevation of about 3,700 meters (12,300 feet).