What happens if you fall in Lake Titicaca?

What happened at Lake Titicaca?

The lake was formed about 60 million years ago when a massive earthquake hit the Andes Mountains, splitting the range in two and creating a hallow which then filled with water from melting glaciers.

What fish live in Lake Titicaca?

What human activities have caused Lake Titicaca to become badly polluted?

Untreated sewage water drains from two dozen nearby cities and illegal gold mines high in the Andes dump up to 15 tons of mercury a year into a river leading to the lake.

Is Puno worth visiting?

The main draw of the city are the floating islands of the Uros people. This one-of-a-kind experience is one that you will only find in Peru. For those backpacking long-term throughout South America, visiting Puno is a no-brainer, especially if one plans on moving onwards towards Bolivia.

Why Titicaca is called Honeymoon lake?

Lake Titicaca is called as ‘Honeymoon Lake’. Lake Titicaca is famous among honeymoon couples due to its scenic features. … It is large & deep lake. The largest in South America.

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