What is the largest beach in Chile?

Can you swim in ocean in Chile?

It’s well known for its ample opportunities for participating in aquatic sports, it’s home to numerous international competitions after all, and has perfectly calm waters great for swimming in. You’ll also find plenty of scuba diving and even penguins waddling nearby.

Does Chile have clear water?

A beach vacation may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Chile, but it’s home to a variety of alluring destinations. However, there are a number of white sand beaches with clear blue water that line the coast of this South American country.

What is Chile famous for?

Even though Chile is internationally known for its succulent red wines and its devilish pisco, Chile also has a strong and diverse beer culture!

Can you swim in Valparaiso Chile?

But just two hours away, near the beach and with a twin city in the resort town of Viña del Mar next door, Valparaíso is the cultural heart of Chile. … With history, art, food, and a great beach for swimming, everyone can find something to do in Valparaíso and Viña del Mar.

How safe is Chile?

Chile is amongst the safest countries on Earth

It is usually considered the safest country in South America, together with Uruguay. Thanks to its low crime rates and nice behavior towards travelers, the “thin country” can be considered a very safe destination (especially if you visit its spectacular national parks).

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