What music is played in Colombia?

What is music used for in Colombia?

Colombia’s Andean region is home to more than 100 indigenous groups whose native music, used in rituals for healing and magic, has influenced many of Colombia’s traditional styles of music and dance.

What makes Colombian music unique?

Much of the music is a blend of Spanish and European influences with indigenous sounds and African beats. Often dubbed the “land of a thousand rhythms,” Colombia is home to a dynamic, unforgettable and ever-evolving musical environment.

What instruments are commonly used in Colombian music?

The Sound of Music: Traditional Colombian instruments

  • Guacharaca.
  • Tiple.
  • Tambora.
  • Gaita.
  • Arpa Llanera.

Is Mexican music popular in Colombia?

Mexican music is another constant in Colombian culture. Usually this is represented by figures like mariachi godfather Vicente Fernández during his many appearances in Colombia, but there have also been a few rather more avant-garde performances, such as noise merchants Descartes a Kant at this year’s Rock al Parque.

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