What problems did Brazil and India faced after independence answer in brief?

What problems did Brazil and India faced after independence answer?

Answer: Brazil and India have many common problems: 1- Poverty– Like other developing countries , both India and Brazil have some portion of their populations live in absolute poverty . 2- Corruption – Both the countries have many corrupted leaders . 3- Crime rate- Crime against women is very common in both countries.

What problems did India faced after independence?

The nation has faced religious violence, casteism, naxalism, terrorism and regional separatist insurgencies. India has unresolved territorial disputes with China which in 1962 escalated into the Sino-Indian War, and with Pakistan which resulted in wars in 1947, 1965, 1971 and 1999.

What problems faced Brazil after independence?

There was an issue of maintaining unity within the nation. Apart from that, it faced many problems due to the large size of the country. It was difficult to provide facilities to the deepest parts as the Amazon Jungle, central plateau or the northeast desert. Slavery was a big issue for all American countries.

What is the reason for diversity of climatic conditions in both India and Brazil?

India also has a monsoon type of climate since its climate is influenced by the Monsoon winds. Both India and Brazil have a long coastline which influences its climatic conditions. While Brazil receive rainfall from South East and North-East Trade winds, India receive rainfall from South west Monsoon winds.

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What were the two major challenges that India faced immediately after independence?

Internal Challenges

  • Partition and its consequences: Partition was marked with large scale communal violence. …
  • Mass poverty: At the time of Independence, the incidence of poverty in India was about 80% or about 250 million. …
  • Illiteracy: When India gained Independence, its population numbered about 340 million.

What are the three challenges of independent India?

There were problems of poverty, unemployment, rehabilitation of people, harmony among people and establishing democracy but freedom has given an opportunity to solve them.

How are India and Brazil Different?

India is located in the Northern hemisphere, whereas some part of Brazil is located in the Northern hemisphere and most of it lies in the Southern hemisphere. India lies in the Eastern hemisphere whereas Brazil lies in the Western hemisphere.

Which are the wettest places in India?

Wettest – Mawsynram

Located in the East Khasi Hills district of Meghalaya, this village holds the record of being the wettest place in India, with an average rainfall of 11872 mm.