What season is it in Bolivia in March?

What season is it in Bolivia?

Best Seasons for Travel: There are primarily two seasons in Bolivia – the dry and the wet. The dry season is from May to October, the winter time months. The wet season is from November to April, the summer time months. It is coldest during the months of June to September and wettest from December to March.

What is the weather like in Bolivia in March?

March Weather in La Paz Bolivia. Daily high temperatures are around 57°F, rarely falling below 51°F or exceeding 63°F. Daily low temperatures are around 40°F, rarely falling below 36°F or exceeding 43°F.

Does Bolivia have spring and fall?

Bolivia is in the southern hemisphere below the equator, so the seasons are the opposite of those in northern hemisphere countries. Spring begins in September, summer in December, autumn in March and winter in June.

What is the weather like in Bolivia in spring?

Spring in Bolivia

March is the last month of rainy season in the country. Precipitation isn’t that abundant yet combined with relatively low temperature and high humidity it is rather uncomfortable. Average daytime temperature in plains is about 17 °C (63 °F) while mountainous areas are having 5 °C (41 °F).

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How safe is Bolivia?


Bolivia is somewhat safe to visit, though it has many dangers. You should be aware that tourist hotspots, restaurants, shops and public transportation are places where most thefts and pickpocketing occur, and that violent crime exists on the streets, too.

Does it get cold in Bolivia?

It ranges from humid and tropical to cold and semiarid. … April through October is winter, which is mostly cold and dry. The Altiplano region (the highest region in Bolivia), including La Paz and Lake Titicaca, is typically cold and considered to have a semi-arid climate.

Does it rain a lot in Bolivia?

Annual rainfall ranges from about 40 inches (1,000 mm) in the south to 70 inches (1,800 mm) or more in the far north, with a pronounced summer maximum.

Is Bolivia a nationality?

Bolivian nationality is acquired by birth or by naturalization. Persons are Bolivian by birth if they were born in Bolivian territory, except for the children of foreign personnel on diplomatic mission, or if they were born abroad to a Bolivian mother or father. Article 142. I.

What are the rainiest months in Bolivia?

* Data from weather station: La Paz, Bolivia. Most rainfall (rainy season) is seen in January and February. La Paz has dry periods in May, June, July and August. On average, January is the wettest month with 128.0 mm (5.04 inch) of precipitation.

When did the economy in Bolivia start to get better?

Indeed, Bolivia achieved unprecedented growth during the period 1960–1977. Mistakes in economic policies, especially the rapid accumulation of debt seen in figure 2, which was due to persistent deficits, coupled with a fixed exchange rate policy during the 1970s, led to a debt crisis that began in 1977.

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