Who wrote Dont cry for me Argentina?

Who was the song Don’t Cry for Me Argentina written about?

“Don’t Cry for Me Argentina” is a song recorded by Julie Covington for the 1976 concept album Evita, later included in the 1978 musical of the same name. The song was written and composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice while they were researching the life of Argentine leader Eva Perón.

Did Karen Carpenter sing don’t cry for me Argentina?

An incredible combination, the voice of Karen Carpenter singing Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “Don’t Cry For Me Argentina” from EVITA.

Who wrote Evita lyrics?

What is the message in don’t cry for me Argentina?

The message conveyed in the song was: the success of the woman to save citizen and the nation from the poverty and starvation in Argentina so she was a Noble as number 1 woman in Argentina.

Who was Evita’s husband?

What was Evita’s promise?

In “Evita’s” signature showstopper, “Don’t Cry for Me Argentina,” Eva insists “I am ordinary, unimportant and undeserving of such attention/ unless we all are/ I think we all are, so share my glory.”

How good a singer was Karen Carpenter?

Its evocative lower register had a richness that no female pop singer ever has matched. But most important of all, it was such a guileless instrument. Carpenter sang without attitude — but also without excessive sentiment. In other words, her voice was at once incredibly beautiful and strikingly neutral.

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Is Argentina located in Europe?

Argentina is a vast country located in the southern part of South America. The eighth largest country in the world, it is the second largest country in South America after Brazil, and it’s about one-third the size of the United States. Argentina is bordered by the Andes Mountains and Chile to the west.

Did Antonio Banderas really sing in Evita?

The soundtrack of EVITA is a marvel of casting. Look, we all knew Madonna and Joanthan Pryce could sing. The true revelation in this EVITA is Antonio Banderas! He, the only non-singing lead, is the most riveting performer on the whole CD!