You asked: What are Christmas traditions in Colombia?

What do Colombians do on Christmas?

Colombians celebrate the nine nights before Christmas. From December 16th to Dec 24th, families get together each night to pray, recite Christmas carols and read passages from the bible. Often, the Nativity scene in their homes or neighborhood is where it happens.

What is the most important Christmas tradition in Colombia?

The Dia de las Velitas, or Day of the Little Candles, is how most Colombians welcome the Christmas season. Every December 7, families take to the streets to light hundreds of little candles, which are meant to light the way of the Virgin Mary as she comes to bless their home.

Does Colombia believe in Santa?

In Colombia, Niño Dios, not Santa Claus, brings the gifts to children. Niño Dios or Niño Jesús is the symbol that represents Jesus’s childhood. Children are told that he goes to each house to deliver the gifts that they requested by letter.

What are some traditions they do in Colombia?

Here are six Colombian customs that only locals will understand.

  • Hot chocolate and cheese.
  • Drinking from cardboard boxes.
  • Sharing shot glasses.
  • Playing a sport which involves fireworks, an iron weight and beer.
  • Celebrating Christmas for the whole of December.
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