Your question: Is the lake Titicaca frog endangered?

Титикакский свистун

What is the ugliest frog?

Titicaca scrotum frog

This frog, with its excessive skin folds, is found at the bottom of Lake Titicaca sandwiched between Peru and Bolivia. Sadly, this oddball amphibian suffers from over-popularity. It’s offered on menus at restaurants around the lake.

Why does the Titicaca frog have large folds of skin?

These skin folds help them respire in the cold oxygen-rich waters of the lake. They can even be seen doing “push-ups” to allow more water to pass through their folds, increasing the oxygen absorption when needed.

Are frogs poached?

It is also the season when amphibians like frogs and toads come out of hibernation to procreate. … In Goa, two species of frogs in particular are poached for their meat — the Indian Bull Frog (Hoplobatrachus tigerinus), which is the largest frog species found in India, and the Jerdon’s Bull Frog (Hoplobatrachus crassus).

Are there fish in Lake Titicaca?

What is the largest lake in South America which is half freshwater half saltwater?

By volume of water and by surface area, it is the largest lake in South America.

Lake Titicaca
Basin countries Bolivia and Peru
Max. length 190 km (118 mi)
Max. width 80 km (50 mi)
Surface area 8,372 km2 (3,232 sq mi)
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What do giant frogs eat?


Goliath frog tadpoles are picky eaters and only eat a specific plant endemic to their own small geographic range. Adults eat insects, crustaceans, fish, and other amphibians, but will occasionally eat small mammals, birds, or even bats!

How do you spell Titicaca?

Lake Titicaca, a lake on the boundary between southern Peru and western Bolivia, in the Andes: the largest lake in the region; the highest large lake in the world.