Arte argentino, un breve recorrido histórico y galerías de arte para conocer en Palermo

Argentinian art, a short historical circuit and art galleries to discover in Palermo

Unquestionably, Argentina is a cultural capital at the height of the great cities of the world. Although with less historical journey, the sphere of plastic arts has gone through a most interesting process, especially since the late nineteenth century. Nowadays, the scene of galleries, ateliers, and cultural spaces offers a wide and captivating offer for those interested in knowing what is authentic.

La mejor forma de recorrer Buenos Aires es en bici eléctrica

Best way touring Buenos Aires is by electric bike

Don't worry if you are not in the best shape because we utilize electric pedal assist bikes which makes your experience that much more fun! Read on below to find out more about how we can offer you the best experience for those who are searching for a bike tour in Buenos Aires! If you feel to pedal, you also might choose us, as e-bikes can be a ride without electric assistance too!