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Siete consejos clave para hacer un tour en bicicleta en Buenos Aires.

Seven Key tips to do a bike tour in Buenos Aires

The capital of Argentina is quite a huge place so each one wishing to travel Argentine and take Buenos Aires city tour will have to consider alternate sort of transportation than his/her 2 feet. There are several options to discover it, but opting for a bike tour through Buenos Aires is the finest option by a country mile. Not any other fine way offers as complete and interactive an option to see Buenos Aires’s many of neighborhoods and stunning attractions. Add the top quality guides and prepare to have one of the most memorable bike tours in Buenos Aires.

Pedaleando Buenos Aires

Biking Buenos Aires

Doing a guided bike tour in buenos aires has several benefits towards other ways of sightseeing. You can cover more ground within a little amount of time and will be less exhausted than during a walking trip. At the same time, you can enter into little plazas and alleys, which would not be accessible by car or bus.