Why choose the electric bike to get to know the city?

Descubrir Buenos Aires en bici electrica
¿Porqué elegir la bici eléctrica para conocer la ciudad?
Green and Trendy BA Experience, 3 hour tour

When Marian invite me to experience e-bike tours, I thought, "In the city of Buenos Aires? Is she crazy! I'm gonna get hit by a car!!!! “She’s an expert on biking BA city in two wheels, so very calm about it, she didn't hesitate a sec. Only those who make a drastic change in their lives to activate their own bodies as engines (which is extremely ecological and healthy compared to combustion engines) realize that there is no better way to move nowadays in modern cities. 

Electric bikes allow us to travel distances in less time, as we avoid traffic jams, and in rush hour, we can get to our destination faster than by public transport or car. And it's cheaper!!!!

With the time and the different trips, we realized that the bike gives us a perfect speed to discover attractions.

Our passengers always point out how they feel free being closer to the city icons, getting in contact with the surroundings. On springtime, nothing is better than pedaling while you feel the different scents of the flowered Buenos Aires. Throughout the tours, we meet face to face urban artists who tell us details about their work, as well as we can feel the freedom to ride our bikes along 9 de Julio Avenue without traffic on holidays, something unthinkable on any ordinary day.

Bike paths allow us to run safe trips connecting sights of the city, so traffic jams are avoided this way.
Today I can't find a better way to get to know a place than by bike. And for long distances, I don't hesitate to choose an electric bike.

Make a change in the way you discover cities. Help the planet and yourself choosing this healthy way of touring.

Natalia Taboada 



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