How many malls are there in Brazil?

How many malls are in Brazil?

Brazil: key figures on shopping centers 2020

In 2020, there were 601 shopping centers in Brazil, which together generated a revenue of 128.8 billion Brazilian reals. In that same year, shopping centers had nearly 111 thousand stores and there were approximately 341 million visitors per month.

How many shops are there in Brazil?

Brazil’s strong retail coverage, with nearly 14,500 convenience stores, approximately 5,300 discount stores, over 1,220 hypermarkets and more than 8,300 supermarkets is hard to dismiss, and it ranks strongly in the world market for beauty and healthcare products, food products, PCs, TVs, and medical equipment.

Did Brazil have gift card?

Adoption of e-gift cards in Brazil has increased in both retail and corporate segments. In retail segment, e-gift cards are being primarily used as a payment instrument.

How many convenience stores are there in Brazil?

There are about 8,100 C-Stores operating at service stations in Brazil.

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