Question: What can you see in Brazil in 10 days?

How many days are enough for Brazil?

For Brazil-lovers, no amount of time is ever long enough in this enchanting country. Three weeks, however, is a decent amount of time to take in both the south and north, the cities and the surf towns, to tour the national parks, and marvel at its natural wonders.

What can you see in Brazil in 14 days?

Suggested itinerary: Brazil in 14 days (oct-mar)

  • Day 1: Arrival in Rio: botecos. …
  • Day 2: Rio beaches, Corcovado and Sugar Loaf. …
  • Day 3: Rio and flight to Iguazu. …
  • Day 4: Iguazu Falls from the Argentinean side. …
  • Day 5: Iguazu falls on the Brazilian side. …
  • Day 6: From Salvador to Lençóis. …
  • Day 7: Chapada Diamantina: northern caves.

What can you do in Brazil for a week?

Top Activities in Brazil

  1. Hiking to see the Christ the Redeemer Statue.
  2. Exploring the many sides of Rio.
  3. Seeing amazing wildlife in the Amazon.
  4. Spending the night at a lodge in Iguazu Falls.

What should I do in two weeks in Brazil?

How to Spend 2 Weeks in Brazil Sample Itinerary

  • Foz do Iguaçu (3 nights) Begin your Brazilian vacation with a stay in the vibrant, multicultural city of Foz do Iguaçu. …
  • Curitiba (2 nights) …
  • Morretes (day trip from Curritiba) …
  • Sao Paulo ( 1 night) …
  • Paraty (2 nights) …
  • Ilha Grande (2 nights) …
  • Rio de Janeiro (3 nights)
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How can I spend 10 days in Brazil?

How to spend 10 days in Brazil – 3 epic itineraries

  1. 10 days in Brazil: Rio de Janeiro, Paraty, São Paulo. Day 1-4: Rio de Janeiro. Day 5-7: Paraty. …
  2. 10 days in Brazil: Rio de Janeiro, Bonito, São Paulo. Day 1-3: Rio de Janeiro. …
  3. 10 days in Brazil: Rio de Janeiro, Iguazu Falls, Florianopolis. Day 1-4: Rio de Janeiro.

Is Brazil a cheap place to visit?

Brazil on a shoestring budget

Brazil can be an extremely rewarding country to explore on a budget. With an average cost of around $20 USD per day, spending two weeks here totals about $280; a downright frugal adventure. Things like cafe food and public transit are cheap, and you’ll never lack things to do.

What is the best month to visit Brazil?

Overall, the months of September and October are the best time to vacation in Brazil, as you will avoid the major holiday periods as well as the chilly southern winter and the rainy season in the Pantanal. However, the regions that you are visiting will dictate the best time to go to Brazil.

What is there to do in Rio for a week?

Here are some of suggestions of things you can do outside the city of Rio:

  • Boat tour in Angra dos Reis & Ilha Grande.
  • Sunbathing at Barra da Tijuca.
  • Boat trip to Búzios.
  • Hike Floresta da Tijuca.
  • Hike Pedra Bonita (and maybe parasailing?)

How many days should you spend in Rio de Janeiro?

The short answer is yes! It’s possible to see Rio de Janeiro’s major attractions in just a couple of days. We stayed in the city for two days and three nights, which we found was sufficient enough to see the highlights.

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