Where does Brazil rank in population?

Is Brazil’s population increasing or decreasing?

The current population of Brazil in 2021 is 213,993,437, a 0.67% increase from 2020. The population of Brazil in 2020 was 212,559,417, a 0.72% increase from 2019. The population of Brazil in 2019 was 211,049,527, a 0.75% increase from 2018. The population of Brazil in 2018 was 209,469,323, a 0.79% increase from 2017.

Why is Brazil population so high?

The main factor behind the rapid population growth since 1960 is immigration both from Europe and Africa, as well as other points of the world. Current high population growth is explained by the high level (more than half of Brazil population) of young people under the age of 20 years.

What is the population of Brazil compared to the United States?

United States is around the same size as Brazil.

Meanwhile, the population of Brazil is ~211.7 million people (120.9 million more people live in United States). We have positioned the outline of Brazil near the middle of United States.

What is the black population of Brazil?

An estimated 91 million Brazilians are of African ancestry, according to the 2010 census, which found that more than half (50.7 per cent) of the Brazilian population now identified as preto (black) or pardo (mixed ethnicity).

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How many babies are born each year in Brazil?

The crude birth rate indicates the number of live births occurring during the year, per 1,000 population estimated at midyear.

Brazil: Birth rate from 2009 to 2019 (per 1,000 inhabitants)

Characteristic Birth rate per thousand population
2019 13.7
2018 13.92
2017 14.13
2016 14.31

Is Brazil cheap to live?

While the cost of living is lower in Brazil than in many western countries, it can be quite varied. … But due to low labour costs, many services are much less expensive. Unsurprisingly, some of Brazil’s largest cites (Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Brasilia) rank among the most expensive in the country.

What are the major problems in Brazil?

Most important problems affecting Brazil according to public opinion in 2018

Characteristic Share of respondents
Health 20.7%
Corruption 15.8%
Unemployment 12.6%
Political situation 11%