Brand new and super comfortable bikes.

The 20 ‘wheel is perfect for the city because allows maneuvering better than other types of bikes. In addition, the covers are reinforced, to avoid punctures while touring.

Fit for all audiences and good for your health.

Pedal just when you want! You don’t need to be in great shape to use an electric bicycle, the engine has the function to assist you. This means that motor will stay on, while we pedal. If we stop, it will shut down. Using our e-bike you will not arrive sweatily and exhausted to attractions as if we went by not- electric ones.

Faster transport to get to the attractions.

With our e- bikes you can avoid traffic jams, which is very common in Buenos Aire’s city. You may arrive quicker than someone who goes by bus. Compared with motorcycles, you’ ll have the advantage that an e-bike can access to an exclusive bike lane, which is the way that allows you to shorten the time due to you do not have as much traffic as the streets. Bike lanes in Buenos Aires are growing really fast. As a tour guide, I know how traffic jams and pick- ups or drop- offs times take longer nowadays, reducing the time to enjoy the city tour instead.

Panoramic view to enjoy the road better.

When you travel by bus, train or motorcycle, your view is reduced by typical obstacles of these transports. On e-bike, you will have 180 ° views and also you will feel the wind over your skin & the sun in your face. a much more real experience!! At Wanderlust e-bike tours we believe that it is very important that you enjoy both the place as well as the way to get there.

Unique experience in a personalized small group setting.

As we work with small groups of no more than six people, the tour becomes more enjoyable and personalized. Another important issue is translations. I had to take tours and wait for the explanation to understand what I was seeing. Thanks to our professional guidance system, if the group is mixed, each guide will have a closed circuit of communication with its passengers in their own language, at no additional cost!

Clean energy.

Unfortunately, climate change is already here. While governments do not agree on solutions that face it, citizens can perform small acts that help if not mitigate the problem, at least not make it worse. Using a non-polluting transportation can be an initiative in favor of the planet. The energy that moves the electric bicycle derives from pedaling. If there are no pedals, the engine will shut down. This, being electric, does not emit polluting gasses. Nor does it contribute to noise pollution because they are very quiet.

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