Seven Key tips to do a bike tour in Buenos Aires

Seven Key tips to do a bike tour in Buenos Aires

There’re lots of different BA (Buenos Aires) bike tours available – via the attractive parks and ritzy neighborhoods of Recoleta or Palermo, for example – Or the southern tour that goes to La Boca, Downtown and Puerto Madero.

From Bike N Wander we give your seven key tips to completely enjoy your biking tour Buenos Aires.

Buenos Aires has developed a lot of bike routes in recent times, which makes it a complete bike-friendly city. When you visit Buenos Aires city, we recommend you touring a bicycle and here’re some suggestions to make your tour more smooth and comfortable:

Try to arrive ten minutes before departure time

Transporting from a single spot to another in Buenos Aires by public transport or car could tale very much longer than suggested by GPS or Google Maps. Several times the effective option is to take a subway. You’ll need to have a SUBE card to use public transport. At rush hour it’d be a bit more uncomfortable because several people travel on it, but in general, is faster than going by car or bus. Traffic jams are frequent and sometimes take more time than expected.

It is vital you arrive on time since there might be more people on your tour and we can’t always wait for you to start the bicycle tour Buenos Aires. Also, if you arrive early, you’ll have time to set the perfect height of your seat, to pick a helmet that finely fits you and make the set up needed before starting a bike tour.

Always bring comfortable clothes

It is important that you feel comfortable with your clothes when you’re doing a bike tour. It is highly advisable to wear sports clothes and sneakers since they’re the ones that finest suit the activity. If possible, lightly shaded clothing; otherwise, the heat will affect you a little in summer. Check the weather forecast for that day; since both suffering cold and heat, will make you feel very uncomfortable with the outfits you’re wearing you must also be fully prepared in case rain is announced with a few jackets impermeable. In case you didn’t bring one, keep in mind that in Bike n’ Wander we include them. Another very important thing to keep in mind it’s that over the bike the cold will be also windy, so bringing clothing that keeps you warm and protected it’s a good idea to enjoy the ride!

Stay hydrated

It’s vital you drink before, during and after your bike tour Buenos Aires. Especially, in summer period time when temperatures in Buenos Aires exceed 30 C° degrees, it’s more than essential to consume a lot of liquid. A vital fact to keep in mind is that the water network in Buenos Aires is potable. So you can take without any fears, from the tap. If you choose us, we’ll, of course, include a bottled water per rider.

Do not bring bigger photo cameras

We recommend you to take a bike tour of Buenos Aires with a cam that you can store in your outfit pocket. Though the Buenos Aires city is not a practically risky city, in few places, it’s not a fine idea if you are showing a bigger Cam that can attract the massive attention of some ill-intentioned people. One more reason is that you will not feel perfect to pedal with a bigger camera, better if you utilize your Mobile Phone or small Cam. Keep in mind that if you choose Bike n’ Wander, we’ ve got storage where you can leave items that you won’t need during the experience.

Wear sunscreen

Buenos Aires city is situated in the southern part, where the ozone layer is a bit more damaged, which allows the sunlight rays to pass without being filtered and reason some skin issues. The use of sunscreen particularly in summer is practically mandatory to keep away from skin lesions. Consider that you’ll be exposed to the sun’s harmful rays during the complete bike tour Buenos Aires. Bring with you the sunscreen, since the perspiration it’ll be essential to apply on many occasions.

Do not bring large backpacks

The fewer and main things you bring make the biking tour Buenos Aires better, because you will have to carry it around the complete bike tour in the city. Keep in mind that at least bike tours Buenos Aires last between 3 to 4 hours. During all that period you will have to carry your backpack on your back. Certainly, it’ll bring you some major trouble later, if it is large and heavy. Normally, bicycles have a little basket in the front part, to put some things. Try your backpack is mall and lightweight enough to transport it there. (If you need to leave anything before your trip, you might keep it safe at our storage)

Take the benefit of the stops where there’re bathrooms

Normally just a few options to go to the bathrooms are presented on a bicycle tour in Buenos Aires.   We recommended that you make use of the bathroom before starting your biking tour, and take benefit of any of the option that arises to go to the bathroom. If in that term you don’t do your needs, always take the opportunity, because maybe the next stop is presented in a few hours.

In the city, there’re several public bathrooms, which are free. In general, bars and restaurants let the use of their bathrooms, even if you are not a customer. Surely, it is better than you are not speculating with it, they’re extremely few things more unlikable than holding in pee!

We provide one of the unique guides trip experiences in BA by bikes with electric assistance, attempting to be an instrument to an easier discovering of the city through the senses, from a deeper, respectful and interactive contact. For more details feel free to contact us now!

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