You asked: What is one of Pacific South America’s earliest cultures?

Where are the five main cultural regions of South America?

In South America, five main cultural regions indicate the majority ethnic groups and the main economic activities:

  • Tropical Plantation Region.
  • Rural Amerindian Region.
  • Amazon Basin.
  • Mixed Mestizo Region.
  • European Commercial Region (Southern Cone)

What is one of the major geographic features of Pacific South America?

The Andes are the main physical feature of Pacific South America.

What is the main physical feature of Pacific South America quizlet?

What is the main physical feature of Pacific South America? How is Bolivia’s location unique in the region? It is landlocked. You just studied 42 terms!

Why is South America’s Pacific coast dry?

Why is much of South America’s Pacific coast so dry? The mountains are a barrier and the Andes prevent moisture from reaching the coast. Weather goes from East to West. … high plateau that rises in step-like cliffs toward the Andes.

What are the four geographical areas of the Americas?

The Americas are made up of North America, South America, Central America, and the Caribbean.

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Why South America is called the land of extreme?

In geographic terms, it has some of the hottest, driest deserts in the world (the Atacama and Sonoran deserts) while having the largest rain-forest in the world (the Amazon).

Which two languages are most widely spoken in Pacific South America?

Spanish is the most spoken language of South America with Portuguese a close second.

How wealthy is South America?

The economy of the South American continent represents the economy of the 12 nations and 3 territories of the continent housing a total population of about 410 million.

The Richest Countries In South America.

Rank Country Per Capita GDP
1 Uruguay 17,164.89
2 Chile 16,078.71
3 Argentina 11,626.92
4 Brazil 8,967.66