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THINKING & LIVING LIKE A Millionaire IS NOT ONLY about having your pockets full of U$S. It can also be about keeping in mind what is worth investing your time in. More than money, time is our best asset. Millionaires and you have exactly the same 24 hours. You may not be able to afford as many assistants, but you can ALWAYS make more of your time.
Here are some ideas to tap the full potential of it:
–  “Turn off the tv”, was the name of a Radio show I used to listen to. Nowadays, I run my own startup business, and my TV is part of the furniture.
– Use direct debit from your bank account and stop going to pay every time you get a utility bill.
– Delegate errands to other members of the family when possible. This will also help them find out the effort to get things done.
– Hire a company for their services.  They specialize in solving that issue. It will be easier for you and it can be even cheaper than doing it yourself. For instance, when you travel to an exotic destination, look for specialists. Better leave things in good hands than being worried during your trip! At the end of the day, you should relax while you’re on vacation. In Argentina and South America, we strongly recommend hiring Argenet Travel Agency!
Then, next time you are about to do something, ask yourself:
How much is it going to cost me?
Is this the best way to spend my time?
Am I the right person to do it?
How much is it going to cost me to buy it instead of doing it myself? And, if I do so, how long is it going to take me to finish it?

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