Row & Ride Experience From Palermo Woods to Tigre’s Delta

¿What do we include?

Healthy snack+ Bottled water+ Train Tickets+Kayak rental+ Lunch: Parrilla meat sandwich with french fries or salad w/ 1 soft drink.

Helmet+Intercoms to hear our guide while riding from your e-bike.

 What will we do?

We will ready our bikes an visit the historical San Martin Square. Across of the train terminal, where we will get by electric train to Tigre, making a 40-minute journey. Once there, we will go to the Paseo Victorica, and then to the Tigre Museum of Art (MAT). We will then paddle kayaks to an island 20 minutes from the coast, and have a lunch break there. Upon returning, we will visit the Port of Fruits. Once again on the train, we will get off with our bikes at Belgrano station to enjoying the natural surroundings of Palermo woods, and return to our starting point, in Retiro.




Buenos Aires has a network of bike lanes, which are generally well maintained, but it’s good sense to keep your eyes open for potential hazards.

Expect to encounter anything from motorbikes, trash cans, joggers, skateboarders, rollerbladers, dog walkers, dog poo, unicyclists, people on deckchairs drinking mate, potholes, ladders, parked cars and even a clown walking on stilts around the streets of Buenos Aires.

An open mind and a bike bell are essential. Take it slow and remember that cycling is probably still quicker than taking a bus, and possibly even a taxi.When there isn’t a cycle lane,cyclists have priority in the lane furthest left on one-way avenues, while buses use the lane on the right.

Our advice is to bring comfortable clothe, wear sunblock, and your eyes wide open, to discover the highlight’s spots in Buenos Aires.

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